Data Recovery

Computer Data Recovery Service

Technology has transformed our world to a great extent. If we observe the journey of the past two decades, then it is evident that the products which only looked like a piece of fiction are now a reality. For example computers, laptops and desktops are some devices which gave us freedom from manual efforts. It made us more efficient, productive and fast. But every innovation or invention has some drawbacks too. Gradually with time, we became dependent on these gadgets, and now we rely on them for data-keeping also. In today's world, information is now considered as a valuable asset for an individual as well as organizations. Envision a situation where due to a spill of liquid your computer collapses and your data gets lost. First, you will panic, and then a search for an expert will begin who can recover your data. We at Tera Speed Computer Technician has worked on multiple cases of data loss and has become a leading brand in computer data recovery industry.
Incidents like accidental fall in the water and short circuit can happen at any time. Our professionals are known for providing quick response to queries. They will make sure that you get answers to all the concerns related computer data recovery within minimum time.

No matter how worse is the condition, we have expertise in retrieving data from any damaged computer

Our employees are trained professionals and have more than ten years of experience in the domain of computer data recovery. There profound knowledge and skills have helped us in developing solutions which are affordable as well as efficient. There can be various reasons behind a situation of data loss such as hardware or system malfunction, human errors, software corruption, computer viruses and malware etc. but our technicians have handled these issues without any hassle.

Following is the list of scenarios where we can provide you services:
  • System hangs when it attempts to boot up
  • Accidental fall of equipment
  • Critical data erased by mistake
  • Liquid damage
  • “No Operating System Found” message shows up when booting up process initiates
  • Mistakenly formatted drive
  • Loss of data due to repair or restore command
  • S.M.A.R.T. warning at the time of startup
  • Drive is making clicking or buzzing noises
  • Spinning or powering on issues with drives
  • Power outage or electrical storm causing problems with the boot process
  • Blue Screen of Death